We all have moments in our lives, like my daughter’s birth, when we feel both the immensity and intimacy of life tightly wound together. The Synod on the Amazon is one of those moments in the life of the Church – a moment when the Church, the people of God, and all of Creation are totally universal and utterly unique at the same time.


“I don’t want to die while dying. I want to live while dying."


The United States is the world’s largest historical emitter of greenhouse gases, the main cause of human-caused climate change. This has international implications. Columbans across the world know that climate change knows no borders. The effects often hit the most vulnerable, and the people who have contributed to it the least, the hardest.  


What these two Popes make clear is that diversity is one way God’s abundant goodness enters the world. As diversity decreases then, so too will our access to God and the life that God provides.


Much of the remaining wealth of nature depends on indigenous people, who are on the frontline of the damage caused by a short-term and destructive model of development. They often know best how to conserve nature.