ACTION ALERT: Fund Climate Solutions

Thousands of people from nearly 200 countries are in Bonn, Germany this week for the 23rd annual United Nations climate change conference. For the next two weeks, representatives from each country will meet to plan how to effectively and robustly implement the Paris climate agreement.  
This is a crucial moment. Given the administration's decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris agreement, it is more important than ever for Americans like you to show that they are still committed to caring for God's creation by reducing our contribution to climate change. 
While representatives from around the world gather in Germany to build on the Paris Agreement, the U.S. Congress will also have an opportunity to faithfully live out its moral duty to care for its citizens. Over the next month, Congress will be making final decisions on how to fund the federal government. This includes funding for departments like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and programs that would help vulnerable communities handle the impacts of climate change 
Please take a moment to contact your Member of Congress and urge them to use their tools to protect creation and our vulnerable sisters and brothers by supporting funding for climate solutions.