Action Alert: Sorrow & Mourning Flee Away!

Bishop Mark Seitz greeting migrants during the annual mass at the US/Mexico border

We are almost halfway through the Summer of Action!

Congress is currently working through the process of funding the federal government for the coming fiscal year. The proposals we’ve seen so far do not line up with our values of welcome, family unity, and solidarity with the vulnerable. The House of Representatives is working to vote on such a budget package THIS WEEK.

This may not be the final proposal, since the Senate still needs to move its own proposal forward. But, we must let our Members of Congress know that their current proposal, which increases money for immigration enforcement against families and children and decreases money for protection and services for vulnerable populations, is unacceptable.

That’s why your action this summer is so important! Download the TOOLKIT for pro-tips and ideas.

This week we are asking you to send an email messages to your Members of Congress!

Last week, Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso, Texas released his first pastoral letter on migration. The letter speaks to the lived reality of migrants and border communities, and how the church is responding.

Bishop Seitz writes: “I invite you to consider the challenges of a system which is breaking apart our community and to reflect upon how God is asking us to respond. In bold and specific ways, I wish to grow in our commitment to charity and justice on our border and towards our migrant brothers and sisters.” You can find the entire letter here:

This week, ask your Members of Congress by clicking here to read Bishop Seitz’s letter and to ”grow in their commitment to charity and justice.”

As they consider funding proposals for a border wall and increased money for detention and deportation, ask them to reflect on the letter’s message of compassion.