Call on Your Leaders to Support Paris Agreement!

Dear Columban Advocate,

In April 2016, the United States joined nearly 200 other nations to officially sign the ‘Paris Agreement’, the ground-breaking international climate agreement that seeks to curb each nation’s contributions to climate change and its devastating effects.

Columbans around the world celebrated this moment. As a global society, Columbans understand that the effects of climate change cross all borders, and therefore our response, must be immediate and international. The Paris Agreement is a crucial tool in protecting our common home.

Unfortunately, the United States government is currently rethinking whether it will remain a part of the Paris Agreement. The United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreement would effectively discourage many other nations from remaining committed.

As a global leader, it is our responsibility to live up to our commitment to standing with our sisters and brothers affected by climate change, particularly the most vulnerable.

Therefore, it is critical that the Administration and Members of Congress know people of faith strongly support United States’ commitment to the Paris Agreement.

Click here to ask the Administration and your Members of Congress to encourage the United States’ continued leadership and involvement in the Paris Agreement!

In peace,

The Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach