Join the 2017 Summer of Action!

Dear Columban Advocate,

Welcome to the 2017 Summer of Action!

Over the past few months, we have witnessed consistent rhetoric and actions that negatively impact the communities Columbans serve. From executive actions that unnecessarily increase militarization at the US/Mexico border to the announcement of the end of our participation in the Paris climate agreement, the actions of the administration do not align with Gospel values.

That’s why, in partnership with the Interfaith Immigration Coalition, we are rolling out the Summer of Action to make sure the president and Members of Congress know people of faith stand with our migrant sisters and brothers and are committed to caring for creation!

Why a Summer of Action?

Every year, Congress takes an “August recess,” which means Members of Congress return to their home districts and states to hear from their constituents during the month of August. This year, August recess comes at a critical moment in the process of funding the government.

For a refresher on this process and the Columban Center’s position click here!

Currently, Congress is considering the president’s request for billions of dollars over and above last year’s funding for immigration enforcement, at the expense of vital refugee resettlement, education, and housing programs that promote public safety and alleviate poverty.

Members of Congress can use their “power of the purse” to ensure that these important programs aren’t cut in order to expand immigration enforcement, separate families, or detain children. Now is our chance to tell our Members of Congress to live up to our values and act with moral authority to protect these communities.

To learn more about what actions you can take this summer, please join the Interfaith Immigration Coalition’s webinar: 5 Ways We Can Defund the Deportation Machine.

When: THIS MONDAY, July 10th @ 4 PM EST

CLICK HERE to join the webinar!

After the webinar we will send you the resources you need to start your own Summer of Action!