What are you doing this summer?

Dear Columban Advocate,

We hope you’ll join us for the 2017 Summer of Action to advocate for a faithful budget that upholds the values of welcome and compassion!

Check out the official Summer of Action TOOLKIT here!

Last week in partnership with the Interfaith Immigration Coalition, we kicked off this Summer of Action to make sure the federal budget reflects our commitment to uphold the dignity of our migrant sisters and brothers.

The president has already requested billions of dollars over last year’s funding for immigration enforcement, including proposals that would separate families, further militarize the southern border, and decrease access to protection for vulnerable migrants. These proposals come at the expense of refugee resettlement support, and child education & housing programs.

The House of Representatives recently released its own budget which includes many of these unjust policies. Though the Senate must consider these proposals before they are enacted, it’s vitally important to tell our Members of Congress we believe the federal budget is a moral document and is a reflection of our nation’s values.

By joining the 2017 Summer of Action, you can urge your elected representatives to uphold the ideal of the United States as a welcoming and compassionate nation.

Check out the official Summer of Action TOOLKIT here!

This toolkit provides assistance with:

  • Writing op-eds and letters to the editor in your local media
  • Hosting vigils and events
  • Meeting with your Members of Congress in your districts and states

We invite you to participate in some or all of the actions! This is a critical moment to make sure Members of Congress know that people of faith stand with our migrant sisters and brothers.

If you have any questions about the actions or would like some tips or support, please contact me at reastwood@columban.org!

Happy Summer of Action!


Rebecca Eastwood

Advocacy Coordinator

Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach