Feature of the Week

“Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation is an integral part of the preaching of the Gospel and is at the heart of Columban Mission.”  – Missionary Society of St. Columban, General Assembly 2006


In our Feature of the Week, we address some of the compelling issues of our time and the ways that Columban Mission is responding to “the cry of the earth” and “the cry of the poor” in an increasingly multi-cultural and inter-religious world. From global warming to global migration, we share both the challenge and the hope that we see in a world crying out for justice and mercy.


  • Columbans Call for Humane and Just Immigration Reform

    Columban missionaries are disappointed in today’s split decision by the Supreme Court on United States v. Texas. The split decision in this case leaves millions of families, including those in Columban parishes and communities, in fear of being separated and torn apart. Our faith tradition calls us to do better, to have compassion, and to welcome the stranger. In the face of this decision, we will continue to seek justice for our migrant sisters and brothers Fr. Robert Mosher, Director of...

  • Columbans Dedicate Memorial to Columban Martyrs

    The Missionary Society of St. Columban will dedicate the Columban Martyrs Memorial Garden on May 26, 2016. Archbishop George Lucas will celebrate Mass and the dedication ceremony of the new Columban Martyrs Memorial Garden at 3:00 p.m. on May 26, 2016 on the grounds at the Columban House, 1902 Calhoun Street, Bellevue, Nebraska. The program will begin with Mass at 3:00 p.m., followed by the dedication ceremony and conclude with a fellowship social and prayer...

  • Communion with Nature

    By Fr Kevin O’Neill, Superior General of the Columban Missionaries. The following reflection is the second part of an excerpt from a talk given at Maynooth in Ireland on November 30, 2015. 

    St. Columban could be said to have been both a theologian and ecologist. In his Second Sermon he gives the following advice to his monks who desired to enter into some understanding of the mystery of the Trinity:

  • A Life Unlike Your Own Can Be Your Teacher

    By Fr Kevin O’Neill, Superior General of the Columban Missionaries. The following reflection is an excerpt from a talk given at Maynooth in Ireland on November 30, 2015.

    Like our Patron, Columban missionaries leave their homeland, crossing boundaries of country, language, culture and creed to proclaim the gospel through witness, ministry and dialogue, listening to and heeding the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.

  • Hearts Wide Open

    This week’s reflection is the third part of the Lenten Series of our Weekly Reflection on Justice. This 7 week series features people from various parts of the Columban community in the United States. Today’s reflection is from Amy Woolam Echeverria. Amy began her missionary journey in Chile and currently is the Columban International Coordinator for Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation.

  • A Seamless Garment of Mercy: The Beloved Community of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    By Scott Wright, CCAO Director

    “The end is reconciliation; the end is redemption; the end is the creation of the Beloved Community. It is this type of spirit and this type of love that can transform opponents into friends. It is this type of understanding goodwill that will transform the deep gloom of the old age into the exuberant gladness of the new age. It is this love which will bring about miracles in the hearts of men.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • The Year of Mercy

    By Rebecca Eastwood, CCAO Advocacy Associate

    We are now entering a new year and winding down from various holiday celebrations. If you are anything like me, you have been eating non-stop for the past few weeks, spending time with family members, watching holiday movies, and just generally relaxing.