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Every Voice Matters: Meeting Your Members of Congress at Home!

Participants from our Advocacy Immersion Week visited their Congressional representatives to discuss compassionate immigration policies.

In a recent survey of congressional staffers, 94% said ‘in-person visits from constituents’ have ‘some’ or ‘a lot’ of influence on an undecided lawmaker. Members of Congress listen when you visit them. Your voice matters!


Action Alert: Sorrow & Mourning Flee Away!

Bishop Mark Seitz greeting migrants during the annual mass at the US/Mexico border

We are almost halfway through the Summer of Action!

Congress is currently working through the process of funding the federal government for the coming fiscal year. The proposals we’ve seen so far do not line up with our values of welcome, family unity, and solidarity with the vulnerable. The House of Representatives is working to vote on such a budget package THIS WEEK.

What are you doing this summer?

Last week in partnership with the Interfaith Immigration Coalition, we kicked off this Summer of Action to make sure the federal budget reflects our commitment to uphold the dignity of our migrant sisters and brothers. The president has already requested billions of dollars over last year’s funding for immigration enforcement, including proposals that would...

REMINDER: Join the Summer of Action Webinar Today!

Right now, we have the opportunity to empower our legislators to resist a budget designed to escalate the attack on our neighbors who are immigrants and refugees. Join the Interfaith Immigration Coalition for a webinar to learn about five ways we can defund the deportation machine together. During this webinar, we will walk you through tangible actions you can take each week from July through August...

Join the 2017 Summer of Action!

Over the past few months, we have witnessed consistent rhetoric and actions that negatively impact the communities Columbans serve. From executive actions that unnecessarily increase militarization at the US/Mexico border to the announcement of the end of our participation in the Paris climate agreement, the actions of the administration do not align with Gospel values...

Call on Your Leaders to Support Paris Agreement!

In April 2016, the United States joined nearly 200 other nations to officially sign the ‘Paris Agreement’, the ground-breaking international climate agreement that seeks to curb each nation’s contributions to climate change and its devastating effects. Columbans around the world celebrated this moment. As a global society, Columbans understand that the effects of climate change cross all borders, and therefore our response, must be immediate and international. The Paris Agreement is a crucial tool in protecting our common home...