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November Edition

Columbans work to bridge the divide between marginalized and impacted communities and policymakers in our nation’s capital. This month we discuss the DACA program, the Clean Power Plan, and the appropriations process.  

The Things that Make for Peace

What we need today is a “Candle Light Revolution for Peace” in every neighborhood, every city square, and every nation in the world. We must magnify the cry for peace, reach across oceans, and hold our leaders accountable, for the sake of the children and their children, for the peace of our world.

Signs of the Time: Two Years After Laudato Si

On Sunday, June 18, the church marks the second anniversary of Pope Francis’ ground-breaking encyclical letter, On Care for Our Common Home, otherwise known as Laudato Si’. Perhaps now, more than ever, with record-breaking rises in the earth’s temperatures, sea levels, droughts and floods and other extreme weather events, the nations of the world are taking notice. Even more, now, the teaching of Laudato Si’ is relevant, in the wake of the U.S.’ dramatic pull-out of the historic 2016 Paris Agreement...

Laudato Si’ Study and Action Guide

Praised be! On June 18, 2015 Columban missionaries welcomed and celebrated the release of Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si’. The full title translated into English is Praised Be, On Care for Our Common Home and is available online for everyone to read. While it is written in a way that should be accessible to most readers, it is 190 pages long and full of many thought-provoking teachings on the right relationships between religion and science, and between...

Columbans On Mission: From the Margins to the Powerful

Power and prosperity can stifle the Spirit, blind us to others and prevent us from understanding the weak. Witness the rich man who never understood or appreciated Lazarus at his door. (Lk 16:19-31) In 2013, the World Council of Churches met in Pusan, Korea, and published "Together Towards Life." One of its most challenging chapters is "Spirit of Liberation: Mission from the Margins." Jesus' mission was to liberate the oppressed, to open the eyes of the blind and to announce the Kingdom of God by opting to spend His time with the marginalized people of His day...

The Central Role of Gospel Nonviolence

I welcomed the opportunity to represent Columban JPIC (Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation) at a recent conference on, ‘Nonviolence and Just Peace: Contributing to the Catholic Understanding of and Commitment to Nonviolence’. It was hosted by Pax Christi International and the Pontifical Council on Justice and Peace, and held in Rome from April 11-13, 2016. Participants gathered from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and included lay people, theologians, and members of religious congregations, priests, and bishops...

Signs of the Time: The Amazon Is at the Heart of the Church

From March 15 – 30, the Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach helped to host a delegation of indigenous and pastoral leaders from the Pan-Amazonian Church Network (REPAM). Indigenous and pastoral leaders from communities in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, shared stories of survival and hope. They were accompanied by Cardinal Claudio Hummes, a Brazilian Franciscan, former archbishop of Sao Paulo Brazil, and a close friend and advisor to Pope Francis...