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Blessed Are the Peacemakers

The New Year is a time for resolutions - another chance to help bring about a better world. This week, Fr. Pat Cunningham, a Columban missionaries serving in Korea, invites you to consider how you can use your time and talents to be a peacemaker. Fr. Pat shares his experience on Jeju Island, protesting the construction of a naval base. Then, we suggest 4 ways you can help bring peace to our world.

4 Ways You Can Defend Migrants in 2018

In the story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus shows us what it means to be a good neighbor. In our own day, his parable is especially important since the Samaritan and the Jewish man were supposedly enemies, their peoples divided by artificial walls of hostility and fear. We can break down these artificial walls by reaching out, as the Good Samaritan did, to help our migrant sisters and brothers.

Is the world we have the world we want?

Why are those of us who are fortunate enough not to have worry about violence, not prioritizing "Peace on Earth" more? Why do we allow it to be only a nice word that we say, and not an inspiring goal that we try to make a reality? After all, these Advent days are here in order for us to prepare for Jesus’ coming --- so why don’t we spend it preparing a world that He'd want to see?

Old Story, Always New

Immigrants and refugees, just like Joseph, Mary and Jesus, do not want to leave home and familiar surroundings. Television images of destruction in their homelands tell the reason of people's decision. World powers vie with each other putting their interests before the need of populations.

To Do God’s Will

This November 2017,  is a time to give thanks, to celebrate, and most importantly, look to the utopian horizon that draws us to itself, as Pope Francis says in Evangelii Gaudium. In keeping our gaze on that horizon that is the horizon of justice, peace, love, unity, wholeness, and reconciliation, we remain guided by our founders to stay faithful to God’s will for all of Creation.

My Polluting Ways

I am slow to make big sacrifices to avoid creating any kind of pollution. I do not bicycle everywhere; nor do I  walk on many journeys. My polluting ways include using cars, trains, and airplanes. Yet, limiting my consumption of fossil fuels does seem to be the way to go forward.