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The Children’s Kingdom

My call to missionary discipleship compelled me to march that day for all children and affirm their right to the kingdom of God. While marching, I imagined Jesus from the story in the Gospel of Luke, welcoming all children and tending to the wounds they suffer as victims of physical, political, psychological, or sexual abuse.

Repairing the Covenant We’ve Broken

Disregard for the duty to cultivate and maintain a proper relationship with my neighbor, for whose care and custody I am responsible, ruins my relationship with my own self, with the other, with God, and with the earth. When all these relationships are neglected, when justice no longer dwells in the land, the Bible tell us that life itself is endangered.

The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church

We are all called to hear “the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor” – to stand in solidarity with creation. Faced with the oftentimes difficult and scary task of discipleship, we can all take comfort from St. Paul’s counsel in today’s second reading: “If God is for us, who can be against us? … Who will bring a charge against God’s chosen ones? It is God who acquits us, who will condemn?” (Romans 8: 31 & 33)

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

The New Year is a time for resolutions - another chance to help bring about a better world. This week, Fr. Pat Cunningham, a Columban missionaries serving in Korea, invites you to consider how you can use your time and talents to be a peacemaker. Fr. Pat shares his experience on Jeju Island, protesting the construction of a naval base. Then, we suggest 4 ways you can help bring peace to our world.