Weekly Reflections

Weekly Reflections on Justice are written by the Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach staff, volunteers, interns, and visiting Columban Missionaries. We hope these reflections help to guide you on your own spiritual journey working toward justice, peace, and the integrity of creation.

  • To Do God’s Will

    This November 2017,  is a time to give thanks, to celebrate, and most importantly, look to the utopian horizon that draws us to itself, as Pope Francis says in Evangelii Gaudium. In keeping our gaze on that horizon that is the horizon of justice, peace, love, unity, wholeness, and reconciliation, we remain guided by our founders to stay faithful to God’s will for all of Creation.

  • My Polluting Ways

    I am slow to make big sacrifices to avoid creating any kind of pollution. I do not bicycle everywhere; nor do I  walk on many journeys. My polluting ways include using cars, trains, and airplanes. Yet, limiting my consumption of fossil fuels does seem to be the way to go forward.

  • The Things that Make for Peace

    What we need today is a “Candle Light Revolution for Peace” in every neighborhood, every city square, and every nation in the world. We must magnify the cry for peace, reach across oceans, and hold our leaders accountable, for the sake of the children and their children, for the peace of our world.

  • Postcards from Peru

    You become more aware of injustice – and eager to do something about it – when you witness it “in the flesh”. I’ve seen Peruvian rivers made un-drinkable because of pollution from un-regulated mining. I celebrate mass with women and girls abused and raped, with victims of violence, most of whom cannot demand justice because of an inefficient and corrupt legal system.


  • Answering the Call to Journey as Missionaries of Hope

    Many years ago, I willingly departed my family in New England; yet, I have the freedom to return there whenever I want. Once DACA ends, the dreamers will not have that opportunity. I try to imagine the fear that a surprise knock on a door could mean to a dreamer but that is impossible. Unlike many dreamers, I am able to hire an attorney should I need to resolve legal matters.

  • Human & Nature Suffer Together

    This year, Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew have challenged each of us to hear the cry of the earth and to attend to the needs of the marginalized. Both leaders have warned that the human environment and the natural environment are deteriorating together. This deterioration, they note, weighs most heavily upon the poor and vulnerable.