Social justice – working to remove the root causes of problems facing our communities – is a fundamental part of living out our faith. The Columban Center offers half-day and full-day workshops for communities or organizations looking to put this part of their faith into action.

We tailor our workshop to meet the needs and interests of your community, but in general, participants will:

  • deepen their faith in light of the Gospels, Catholic Social Teaching, and the experience of marginalized communities and the exploited earth;
  • broaden their understanding of the critical issues of our time;
  • and be equipped with tools and best practices for advocacy.

For more details, you can view an agenda from one of our recent workshops here.

We situate all workshops in the context of prayer, mutual dialogue, and respect for each other. (Though this program makes frequent use of Catholic social teaching and our experience as people of faith as the foundation for our work, participants from any faith tradition, or no faith traidition, are welcome to participate.)

For more information, or to schedule a workshop in your community, please email Wesley Cocozello at  

Mix-and-Match Modules

Don't have time for a half-day or full-day workshop? We also offer mix-and-match modules organized within three tracks that we can customize to fit your community's time constraints and particular interests. 

These modules can be adapted for keynote presentations, assemblies and convocations, retreats and staff development, as well as shorter workshops. We have expert staff who can lead modules on the following topics.

Catholic Social Teaching Track Critical Issues Track Advocacy Skills Track
What is Catholic Social Teaching? Free vs. fair trade agreements Advocacy 101
An overivew of the scriptures and Church teaching that underpin each of the issues in the "Critical Issues Track" Climate change US Government 101
  Extractive industries Storytelling for advocacy
  US immigration system 101 How to effectively lobby your representatives
  US/MX border realities Using press for advocacy
  Just peace, nonviolence, and demilitarization Using social media for advocacy
    Best practices for how to communicate about social justice

For more information, or to schedule a mix-and-match program, please email Wesley Cocozello at

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