Columban Creation Covenant

"Our commitment to communion and our solidarity with the poor and with the exploited Earth challenges us as individuals to personal lifestyle change. ... [W]e are called upon to use the resources entrusted to us for the life of the world." -"Called to Communion," Missionary Society of St. Columban

What is a "Creation Covenant"?
The God of creation is calling each of us to reconnect with the natural world and reexamine how our lifestyles impact its wellbeing. The Columban Creation Covenant is a guide to help you do just that. 

By filling out the Columban Creation Covenant, you are making a commitment to the natural world. "How will I reconnect with God's creation?" "How will I live more simply and more sustainably?"

The Columban Creation Covenant is broken into four parts:

  • Prayer & Spirituality 
  • Continuing Education
  • Daily Commitment for a "Greener" Lifestyle
  • Advocate for Creation

You're invited to think of one practical and specific commitment for each category. These can be discrete tasks that you do once (for example, "Read Pope Francis' Laudato Si'" for Prayer & Spirituality) or on-going lifestyle readjustments (for example, "Fast from meat at least two times a week" for Daily commitments for a "Greener" Lifestyle).  

For examples of how you can fill out your Columban Creation Covenant, click on the links below.