A Journey Around the World

Human actions that damage God’s creation, like climate change, do not impact the Earth alone - they also make life more difficult for vulnerable communities and people living in poverty. As a “poor church for the poor,” our faith calls on us to organize prayer and practical initiatives to combat the environmental crisis facing our common home and our neighbors.

CCAO has developed a resource that helps in this effort. You can register to download it here

This resource is meant to be used over a period of five weeks. Each week you will “travel” to a different country to learn about how climate change is impacting the vulnerable communities living there. 

After you read the story for the week, we provide three activities: one to learn, one to pray, and one to act.

For more than 30 years, Columban missionaries have been at the forefront of protecting the environment from destructive practices and addressing the urgency of climate change. Our mission experience of living with the natural world and with communities that have been marginalized and exploited impels us to seek ways to restore right relationships with all of creation.

As Columban priest, Fr. Sean McDonagh remarks, “climate change should be a top priority for the Catholic Church if the church really believes that its mission is for the flourishing of the life of the world.”