"She had seen something that none of us has yet seen. She had broken through the heartache and the injustice of this world and encountered the Mystery of Love."


“By ratcheting up military tensions, the Korean and US government leave no prospect of providing real security, which can only be found in people’s access to healthy food, water, medical care, and education.”


At sunrise the next morning, they found him dead among some bushes. The military had shot him. He was an innocent man.


But the “root cause of drug addiction is poverty. There are no concrete programs to address the problems of unemployment, inadequate housing, lack of subsidized food, and education for the poor.”


During the four weeks of Advent, the Columban Center will share a story from a different country about the “holy innocents” of today, so that we may stand in solidarity with them and give witness to the hope and the promise of the Kingdom of God.