Much of the remaining wealth of nature depends on indigenous people, who are on the frontline of the damage caused by a short-term and destructive model of development. They often know best how to conserve nature.


May we have the humility to see ourselves not at the centre of creation, but rather interlocked, interconnected, and interdependent with all of creation.


In the first of a series of articles by members of the Columban Missionary Society, Fr Peter Hughes gives the background to the Synod on the Amazon.


The message of Easter is, “Even in the midst of the world’s crosses, there are signs of resurrection.”


The Standing Rock Sioux, other indigenous people, and their allies come to Washington, DC to speak with policy makers about their sacred duty to protect the water, the land, all of creation. We are invited to join them in “standing up like a mountain” with our own prayers, advocacy, and public witness.