Weekly Reflections on Justice

Proclaiming Resurrection from the Foot of the Cross

In the readings for the Easter Season, Jesus appears first to Mary Magdalene, early in the morning, then to his disciples gathered in the upper room, later in the evening, and he offers them a greeting of peace: “Peace be with you!” We live in a world that is torn apart by violence and strife, yearning for peace. There are wars – real wars in Syria and the Middle East – and rumors of wars – in the Korean peninsula and Asia Pacific. Where is the peace that Jesus promises to his disciples? Where is the power of the resurrection?

Gods Mercy Never Ceases

My Nana told her young grandchildren very little about her hard life before coming to the United States. We also did not know about the cousin’s family that had paid for her passage, employed her as their maid, and treated her cruelly. On April 15, 2013, I was waiting near the finish line of the Boston Marathon to see my daughter finish the race. My family called me to let me know that she had finished earlier and that I should go to our meeting point. While we were driving to where we were staying, two bombs...