(left: preparing for Día de Muertos; middle: mural representing the sister cities of Ciudad Juárez and El Paso; right: two friends talking between the border wall)

Columban missionaries have been accompanying communities along the US/MX border for over 25 years. Every day we see how border communities are models of hospitality and creative cross-cultural encounter.  We’re friends with the families that call this place “home,” who cherish their binational heritage.

We also see how also see how inhumane immigration enforcement and extreme militarization sow fear and distrust in our communities. And for those that do not live here, conflicting media reports and demonizing rhetoric may be their only source of information about this beautiful place.

We invite you to come and see the reality beyond the rhetoric. The resources and articles on this webpage will help you to gain a greater understanding of what is really going on at the border and how you can best advocate for border communities.

At the border, every day is an opportunity to put into practice St. Columban's famous teaching: “let a life unlike your own be your teacher.”

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