These observant outsiders, unburdened by cultural blind-spots, free from political clichés and easy buzzwords, could state the truth about my country more simply and more insightfully than I could.


My journey with Jesus means taking greater responsibility to advocate for God's creation and vulnerable communities. It is a challenge I must urgently accept.


“From the Hill” is the Columban Center’s recap of some of the month’s most pressing issues. Staying up-to-date on current events seems especially overwhelming these days, so we’re here to offer the Columban take on what’s happening in Washington, DC and around the world.


"There's no greater pain," she tells me, tears creeping out from her eyes, slowly running down her cheeks, "than to be apart from your child. We all feel it, all the mothers here who have been separated from their children. It's terrible. There's nothing worse."


"I beg for your help. If it wasn’t for my fear, I wouldn’t be sacrificing my life and that of my child. Give me the opportunity of helping me, I need to speak to someone, to be heard in person."