Columbans Oppose Declaration of National Emergency

February 15,2019
Washington, DC

Columbans have lived and served on the US/Mexico border for over 20 years. Every day we see how migrants are mistreated as they arrive at the border and how militarization endangers border communities themselves.

These issues deserve a responsible and faithful solution.

We unequivocally oppose the president’s decision to declare a state of national emergency in order to circumvent Congress and divert funding to pay for construction of a border wall. This decision is immoral and unnecessary. The real emergency is the dehumanization of migrants and the utter disregard for border communities and the environment. Construction of a wall and further militarization is not a solution.

This announcement comes on the heels of the congressionally-passed spending deal which already includes more funds for harmful border barriers, in addition to further increases in enforcement funding.

We strongly urge Congress to hold the president accountable for this inhumane declaration, and exercise their powers of oversight and the purse to ensure this outcome does not become the new normal. We cannot continue to increase the tools and funding for agencies and policies that have proven time and again to undermine our nation’s sacred responsibility to care for the most vulnerable (Mt 25: 31-46). 

To read a statement from faith leaders on the morality of the border wall, please click here.


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