End the shutdown and protect migrants

Welcome to 2019! We look forward to working with you this year to advocate for a healthy environment, protections for migrants, sustainable livelihoods for all, and peace around the world.  

The need for this advocacy is already apparent. 

We enter 2019 in the midst of the longest federal government shutdown in history. Although Congress passed a few funding bills at the end of last year, a number of key agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security and Environmental Protection Agency remain unfunded. Since they cannot operate without funding, this means over 800,000 federal employees are not receiving paychecks and critical programs are on pause. 

How did we get here? 

At the end of last year, the president announced he would not sign the remaining funding bills without a significant increase in border wall funding. This demand was far above the level he previously requested and that Congress had allocated. All subsequent attempts from Congress to re-open the government have been rebuffed by the administration.  

This past weekend, the president proposed a ‘compromise’ to re-open the federal government. Far from a constructive proposal, this harmful spending package includes: 

  • billions for border wall construction 
  • attacks on asylum protections 
  • rollbacks of protections for unaccompanied children 
  • minimal, temporary protection for DACA and TPS recipients. 

Congress and the administration must work to responsibly reopen the government without endangering migrants and harming border communities.  

The Senate is planning to vote on this incredibly harmful, bad faith proposal on Thursday, January 24th. Your Senators need to know their constituents expect them to live up to their responsibility to keep the government running and uphold humane, sound immigration policies. You can take action here.