I learned to swallow the pride that robbed me of a compassionate heart, to put party and ideological affiliations aside to see others as children of God first.


At first blush, environmental justice may sound nonessential to a life of faith. Many Catholics aren’t exposed to spiritual reflections on God’s creation or questions of environmental care at mass or during formation programs like confirmation or RCIA. When the conversation does come up, some argue that environmental justice is just not as important as other pressing concerns.


In the months leading up to the Synod of the Amazon, Columbans from across the world will be contributing to a series of articles about the Synod process, the Amazon region, and the work for peace and justice happening there. This page will compile those articles in the order that they are published. 


They dreamed of better opportunities, to provide their children with a better life. We should acknowledge their accomplishments and contributions, not criminalize their love.


The readings from Ash Wednesday invite us into a posture of humility and penance, fostered by prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. It is an ancient practice, but the goal is not only a clean heart, but a call to become people of mercy and compassion towards our common home and those whose lives are at risk.