Every day we try to make the empathic leap that Jesus himself made when we encounter the Canaanites of our time. It’s our way of making real an attributed teaching of St. Columban: “a life unlike your own can be your teacher.”


We cannot continue to increase the tools and funding for agencies and policies that have proven time and again to undermine our nation’s sacred responsibility to care for the most vulnerable (Mt 25: 31-46).   


At the heart of the Columban mission is cross-cultural exchange, the belief that God speaks to us through the experiences of others, particularly those who are marginalized or living in poverty, and that we should open our hearts to learn from those experiences.


We enter 2019 in the midst of the longest federal government shutdown in history. Congress and the administration must work to responsibly reopen the government without endangering migrants and harming border communities.  


From Capitol Hill to the US/MX border. From saving the planet to creating a fairer economy. These are the Columban Center's top 10 articles from 2018.